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How Does It Work?

WinkSprouts network consists of brand-safe micro-influencers. We connect our community members with the brands they love, activating them at scale and creating consumer-generated content on Instagram. WinkSprout has developed a proprietary platform that automates influencer marketing for ease of use for your business. Deliver a physical or digital product to our micro-influencers and receive glowing reviews, enhanced brand awareness, increased social proof, all while creating a scalable e-commerce sales network for your brand.

Influencer Marketing Simplified

Boost Your Marketing Efforts

WinkSprout is designed for any start-up or established businesses that can not afford to waste money on failed marketing campaigns through other social media outlets. By leveraging the social reach of WinkSprout micro-influencers, you can quickly boost your marketing efforts and brand awareness virtually overnight. The WinkSprout platform connects you with influencers who match your category criteria all while complimenting your ethos, style, and vibe. We provide brands with a streamlined self-service platform to post details about your products or services through the creativeness of each micro-influencer.

Step 1
Select a payment plan

Select your plan that best suits your budget and influencer marketing needs.

Step 2
Answer a few short questions

We want to hear about your specific niche and accolades to perfectly match you with influencers.

Step 3
Get your perfect match

You will be matched with the specific amount of influencers based on your plan that perfectly matches your target audience.

Step 4
Approval Process

Choose and send a physical or digital product for the content you want to be posted. Approve the post and go live!

Step 5
Campaign Analysis

We analyze results from your influencer campaign outlining influencer effectiveness and key metrics!

Why WinkSprout?

What Makes WinkSprout Different?

We have simplified the process for every brand and business to scale their influencer marketing needs. No need to search, source, or even pay for influencers like other platforms! WinkSprout actually delivers micro-influencers ready to post and show your products! WinkSprout brings you a scalable approach to promote, activate, and enhance your social media campaigns.
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