Case studies

Take a look at the results from our Micro-Influencer campaigns we ran for just a few of our many brands who have found success after joining the WinkSprout platform.
case study

Komuellousa - baby shoes

@Komuellousa joined WinkSprout to curate a monthly mission of multiple Micro-Influencers with an end goal of creating reinforced online media presence and exposure to drive focus to their new items. With WinkSprouts team of mommy bloggers and family influencers based in the USA, @Komuellousa gained: 

51% increase in organic followers and online presence

29% increase in sales

32% growth in email subscribers

case study

Puttisuusa - nail polish for kids

@Puttisuusa influencer target was to attract 100% USA based women, more specifically mommy’s! Here at WinkSprout we handpicked mommy blogger influencers and women past the age of 25 based in the USA to promote their non-toxic cosmetic nail polish products for kids! This led @puttisuusa with:

65% increase in followers

32% increase in sales

35% increase in traffic to their website

case study

WonderFold - Stroller Wagon

@Wonderfoldwagon main goal was to increase their engagement and user-generated content on their page. WinkSprout was not only able to help them reach their goal of raising their social media engagements by 38% but also bringing in real consumers to purchase their products who left them fantastic reviews further boosting their social media presence. This led @wonderfoldwagon with: 

38% increase in followers

27% increase in sales

35% increase in user-generated content

case study

WonderSip Reusable Straw

@Wondersipstraw wanted their product to stand out from all other competitors as theirs is so unique. We heard and understood them and did just that! WinkSprout gathered the desired amount of influencers ranging from mommy bloggers to women infopreneurs to promote their product. With a single campaign @wondersipstraw gained:

55% increase in organic social media traffic

30% increase in user-generated content

27% increase in sales

case study

zariasulia - organic artisan soaps

@zariasulia was very specific in the fact that they wanted an increase in organic followers and sales from her website through her Instagram page. Searching very meticulously, we gathered influencers with a heavy focus on skincare and wellness to promote their products. @zariasulia was more than satisfied with:

22% increase in organic followers

32% increase in sales

54% growth in email subscribers

case study

Patikapets - Clean beauty brand for pets

@Patikapets wanted their social media presence to excel through Instagram with a curated monthly campaign of micro-influencers. WinkSprout matched Patika Pets with family, pet and mommy influencers, with incredible results. Patika pets gained:

64% increase in traffic flow on their website

42% increase in sales

Celebrity recognition

case study

Jeannie n mini - Kids boutique

@Jeannie_n_mini: Jeannie n Mini, a kids boutique in Irvine, CA were looking for a boost in their localized support and foot traffic highlighting their store sales and special offers. We digested their custom request and matched them with local influencers in the LA and OC area in California. This led them to:

62% increase in sales

32% increase in newsletter subscribers

40% increase in Instagram followers

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