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WinkSprout gives you exclusive access to some of the best brands out there. Your creative mind plus our brand relationships… the perfect match! 

Core Values

Exclusive brand opportunities

WinkSprout continuously curates exclusive brand opportunities for our influencer community. By working with WinkSprout you will be able to create authentic content, with free products that match your interests and elevate your social presence to grow your page.

The process

How our Campaigns Work

Our influencer campaign process is simple. Get your profile approved, choose your product, and then post on social.

Step 1
Get your account approved

Submit your application for review and receive a reply from our review team.

Step 2
Get notified of brand offers

Receive text alerts and emails of brand opportunities matched and offered to you.

Step 3
Accept offers you like

Accept the offers you like and work with the brands and products you love.

Step 4
Post to Instagram

Share your new product or brand collaboration online with fresh content for your profile

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what people say

Influencers who swear by WinkSprout

"WinkSprout made it easy to work with really cool brands!"

Tiffany Rose @tiffanyrosemalibu

“Not only did I receive many free items, I have seen my page grow immensely as I have made my title of an influencer more official with multiple brand deals a month.”

Noelle Aladgem @noellealadgem

“Great platform and free products for influencers!”

Tori Spelling @ torispelling

“Love WinkSprout for matching me up with great products I actually use!”

Joey Bronston @joebronston

“This is such a lovely platform. What a beautiful way to work with such a unique assortment of strong brands.”

Jenefer Taylor @jenefertaylor

“A few brands that I worked with provided me with a personalized discount code that my followers used and made some extra money! I am so happy to have joined.”

Michelle Cella @michellecella