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The Power of Micro-influencers

It is no surprise that in the world of social media, social proof is key in obtaining the trust of your next customer. WinkSprout specializes in sourcing the best content creators on Instagram, why is this? It is no surprise that consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that they know and trust. So if a micro-influencer whom they follow recommends something, the consumer will trust this recommendation more than a direct ad form a brand. This is where word-of-mouth marketing sways influence.

trusted by thousands

Why Micro-influencers

Micro-influencers may not have the flashy appeal of a celebrity endorsement, but they have something even more valuable: their audience’s trust!

Ongoing media channel

Micro-influencers are amplification agents

Start thinking about micro-influencers as an ongoing media channel. Micro-influencers can be utilized in almost any sector: they could be focused on health and wellness, fitness, beauty, hair, makeup, mommy and baby, food and cuisine, entrepreneurship or fashion to name just a few prominent categories. 


Most Effective Tier of Influencers

According To Cosmetic, Fashion, And Luxury Marketers In The US ​

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Why Micro-Influencers


Opinions evoke high degrees of credibility and confidence from friends & followers.

Brand relevant

High connection with brand, product, and brand-relevant topics.

High in Volume

Exist in greater numbers than mega- or macro- influencers, able to generate content at scale.

are loyal

Have existing brand relationships based on purchase history and positive brand affinity.

will advocate

Will recommend or publicly support brands and products.

Have influence

Able to drive friends & followers to take the desired action.


We don’t like to brag but...

There is no other platform like WinkSprout that brings you scalable AND affordable solutions for your influencer marketing needs. WinkSprout provides you with micro-influencers at scale. With just a few clicks you are ready to start your own campaign. Let us help you drive awareness for your brand through content creation and reviews. Get your name and products out there today!

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